Recent Publications

J. Yin, X. Zhan, J. Liu, H. Moradkhani, L. Fang and J. P. Walker, 2020: Near-real-time one-kilometre Soil Moisture Active Passive soil moisture data product, Wiley Research Article, Accepted 25 June 2020.

Liu, J., F. Weng, Z. Li and M. C. Cribb, 2019: Hourly PM2.5 Estimates from a Geostationary Satellite Based on an Ensemble Learning Algorithm and Their Spatiotemporal Patterns over Central East China, Remote Sensing, 11(2019) 2120

He, L. and G. Mostovoy, 2019: Cotton Yield Estimate Using Sentinel-2 Data and an Ecosystem Model over the Southern US, Remote Sensing, 11(2019) 2000

He, L., J. M. Chen, J. Liu, T. Zheng, R. Wang, J. Joiner, S. Chou, B. Cheng, Y. Liu, R. Liu, and C. Rogers, 2019: Diverse photosynthetic capacity of global ecosystems mapped by satellite chlorophyll fluorescence measurements, Remote Sensing of Environment, 232(2019) 111314

Liu, J and Z. Li, 2019: Aerosol properties and their influences on low warm clouds during the Two-Column Aerosol Project, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 9515–9529, 2019

Liu, J and Z. Li, 2019: Satellite-based PM2.5 Estimation Directly from Reflectance at the Top of the Atmosphere Using a Machine Learning Algorithm, Atmospheric Environment, (Published)

Liu, J and Z. Li, significant underestimation in the optically-based estimation of the aerosol first indirect effect induced by the aerosol swelling effect, Geophysical Research Letters, (Published)

Lin, L, and Weng, F. , 2018: Estimation of hurricane maximum wind speed using temperature anomaly derived from Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS), IEEE Geosci. Research Letter, (Published)

Ding, S. and F. Weng, 2018: Influences of physical processes and parameterization on simulations of TOA radiances at UV wavelengths, J. Meteo. Res. (accepted)

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